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Come back better.

We create extraordinary aquatic travel adventures for people who love to swim. Our vacations are the best swimming experiences found anywhere. Explore the clear blue waters of the British Virgin Islands, Kona, Hawaii or the Turkish Coast. Enjoy delicious meals and relaxing accommodations after training and playing in some of the world’s best open water swimming locations.



Our trips are designed for swimmers and triathletes of every ability level, fitness to elite. You get to swim your distance at your pace. Non-swimming partners, friends, and spouses of our swimming customers are very welcome and can enjoy a wide variety of activities on our trips.

SwimVacation is a great way to prepare for a triathlon or open water swimming event….or to just have a fun, active vacation. Explore our web pages and start your journey to the best vacation you’ve ever had.

Please email us if you have any questions.

Hopper McDonough
President, SwimVacation

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